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Prior to AP Human Geography Chris taught world regional geography courses in both junior and senior high schools. He has worked as a consultant for the College Board since and as a reader and table leader for AP Government free response reading.

Automatic stabilizers use conventional fiscal mechanisms but take effect as soon as the economy takes a downturn: Now if we had instead chosen a prime number, for example 23, we would have utilized each and every one of the buckets in the table and would have only had 7 collisions - which would also be the theoretical minimum number of possible collisions given the table size bucket-space.

She received her PhD in comparative literature from the University of Maryland in Specifically when the keys result in values before quantisation that are factors or multiples of factors of N.

Macroeconomics, 15th Edition Textbook

In conclusion it would be far more productive and effective to mix the keys more thoroughly and rigorously than it would be to faff around with the ever changing quantisation parameter.

Marilee enjoys keeping active and playing sports. Bonnie taught social studies since and began teaching advanced placement in in the School District of Hillsborough County TampaFlorida until she retired in Retroactive credit may be given in one or more languages. The quantisation of the hash value is efficiently and simply obtained by computing the hash value modulus the table size N, as follows: Mission The Purdue University Writing Lab and Purdue Online Writing Lab OWL assist clients in their development as writers—no matter what their skill level—with on-campus consultations, online participation, and community engagement.

The IS at the start of the hash function will be initialised with a predetermined value - this is typically known as the Initialisation Vector IV. Some of them allow the interest rate to fluctuate and focus on targeting inflation rates instead.

From this generalization it can be assumed that the performance of hash functions and comparisons between other hash functions can be determined by modeling the functions as PRNGs. Unemployment A chart using US data showing the relationship between economic growth and unemployment expressed by Okun's law.

Changes in price level may be the result of several factors.


An example of intervention strategy under different conditions Central banks can use unconventional monetary policy such as quantitative easing to help increase output. Bailey has led the state of Alabama in the number of students taking the AP Government national exam.

Multiple choice questions, released exams, notes, flashcards, cram packets, and even online courses. Chris considers his experience as a presenter at AP workshops and institutes one of the highlights of his career and he conducts them regularly.

Set the hash table size to be a factor of Hmax eg: Her educational background includes a B. Contact Chris Jonathan Henderson - AP World History Jonathan has over 20 years teaching experience spanning middle school, high school, and university classes. Before retiring she served as a school district mentor in order to help new teachers in the school district develop courses in AP U.

Furthermore we have a hash table with 21 3x7 buckets or in other words a hash-space in the range [0,20]. As an example using a well designed hash function, given two messages that differ by only one bit, the expectation is that the hash values will be starkly different aka having a large hamming distance.

This type of deterministic scrambling and descrambling without the need for a common key is known as interleaving and deinterleaving. She writes multiple-choice, grid-in, and free-response questions based on the curriculum framework for the AP Exams.

As a very active College Board endorsed consultant of more than ten years, she has presented at numerous conferences and workshops, the AP Annual Conference, and Advanced Placement Summer Institutes both nationally and internationally.

Everything that is produced and sold generates an equal amount of income. As we programmed, we examined the process and tried to think of ways to abstract these steps to incorporate them into higher-level language.

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Crowding out occurs when government spending simply replaces private sector output instead of adding additional output to the economy. However, eventually the depreciation rate will limit the expansion of capital: Instead of buying government bonds, central banks can implement quantitative easing by buying not only government bonds, but also other assets such as corporate bonds, stocks, and other securities.

Independent central banks are less likely to make decisions based on political motives. She has used an inquiry approach to teaching throughout her career. Hash Function Efficiency This is the measure of how efficiently the hash function produces hash values for elements within a set of data.

The following is a pseudo code example of a possible implementation of "Mix", that operates on blocks and internal state of size bits at a time: Steve has been a College Board consultant since and during this time has been a AP Chemistry exam reader each year, conducted over 69 week long summer institutes and 65 one day workshops.

The term "monetary policy" refers to the actions undertaken by a central bank, such as the Federal Reserve, to influence the availability and cost of money and credit to. This in-depth preparation for both AP Economics exams provides a detailed review of all test topics, including: supply and demand, theory of consumer choice, market structures, labor resources, monopsony, national income and gross domestic product, inflation and unemployment, monetary policy, economic growth, international trade and exchange.

© Jason Welker 1 Zurich International School AP Microeconomics: Exam Study Guide Format: 60 MC questions worth % of total minutes to. Advanced Placement Macroeconomics, or AP Macro, gives high school students exposure to college-level coursework in the area of economics.

Students are exposed to a number of concepts specific to basic macroeconomic theory, equivalent to an introductory economics course that an econ major would study their freshman year. Here you find AP Economics notes for Macroeconomics, 15th Edition textbook by McConnell and Brue.

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Ap macro notes
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